Comms Connect conference guide

This project, for Westwick Farrow Media, was the 2017 Melbourne Comms Connect Exhibition Guide. With a strict palette, and clean lines, this juggle of information came together into a 60-page, perfect bound book, American Quarto size.


Along with this guide, I designed exhibition space, exhibitor guides and a variety of floorplans and event collateral.

Low Poly fun

Experimenting with one of the hottest illustration trends, this low poly portrait is now my son’s gaming avatar. Possibly he is the coolest kid in the class, possibly with the coolest mum (or not…)

lopoly sam

Vegie Smugglers character design

Brief: The Vegie Smugglers blog was needing a fresh graphic device that could extend their branding in a fun and logical way.

Design solution: These characters are playful, using simple shapes and colour. Combinations of characters and vegetables can be varied, to provide interest while keeping brand recognition across the blog and social media. The simplicity keeps animation simple and adds to the colourful, fun, kid-friendly tone of the business.

vegie smugglers illlos-01
Simple shapes create fun characters that appeal to adults and kids
vegie smugglers illlos-02
Simplified vegetables match the graphic style
vegie smugglers illlos-03
Character variations for simple GIF animations