Merchandise design

This little cutie is a bib, designed as a gift-with-purchase item for the now defunct Parents Magazine. The illustration needed to be fun, friendly and gender-neutral. We opted for a slightly retro, bird motif.


Vegie Smugglers character design

Brief: The Vegie Smugglers blog was needing a fresh graphic device that could extend their branding in a fun and logical way.

Design solution: These characters are playful, using simple shapes and colour. Combinations of characters and vegetables can be varied, to provide interest while keeping brand recognition across the blog and social media. The simplicity keeps animation simple and adds to the colourful, fun, kid-friendly tone of the business.

vegie smugglers illlos-01
Simple shapes create fun characters that appeal to adults and kids
vegie smugglers illlos-02
Simplified vegetables match the graphic style
vegie smugglers illlos-03
Character variations for simple GIF animations